Poison Ivy – On DeadTree

Q: A large dead pine tree at the edge of our property fell recently. All that had been growing on it was a massive vine of poison ivy. The base of the vine was at least twelve inches around. We now have about fifty feet of poison ivy tree on the ground with a LOT of berries. How can we safely get rid of it?

A: Whatever you do, always keep in mind that the poison ivy irritant oil is still on the leafless stems, the hairy vine itself and probably the pine tree trunk as well. The oil is very persistent so you can’t just wait until spring and cut things up then.

The only suggestion I have is to wear old clothes, old shoes and rubber gloves while you carefully prune away the vine and stems. Place them in plastic garbage bags as you work. Once the tree is stripped of vine, someone could use a chain saw on it.

They also should wear disposable clothing and preferably a full face shield like my dentist uses. Dispose of all clothing (including shoes) afterwards and take a careful bath using lots of soap.

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