Boxwood Blight – Prevent With Sanitation

Q: I recently learned about boxwood blight. My property has many Asian and English boxwoods. My yard service said they would disinfect their trimmers with Lysol. But what can I spray for prevention?

A: It may seem extreme, but if you have treasured boxwoods your landscape crew should sterilize their tools AND put on disposable Tyvek uniforms before coming on your property. Boxwood blight spores are very sticky and they will adhere to pruning tools, shovels, workers’ clothing and hands, as well as the fur and feathers of wild and domestic animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, wild turkeys, etc.). Once your shrubs are infected, boxwood blight can not be cured. Preventative fungicides include chlorothalonil (Daconil, Spectro, etc) and fludioxonil (Medallion, Palladium). I have pictures and further information at

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