Kiwi Fruit – Determining Sex of Vine

fuzzy kiwi, Actinidia chinensis

Q: I’ve had a kiwi vine growing great for six years, but no kiwis! I’ve learned I need a male and female vine. How do I know what sex I have ?

A: If your fuzzy kiwi vines flower, it’s not terribly hard to determine their sex. Male flowers will have a strongly yellow center due to the pollen-bearing anthers. Female flowers are much more white due to the cluster of stigmas.

See these pictures:

Fuzzy kiwi, Actinidia chinensis, female flowers:

Fuzzy kiwi, Actinidia chinensis, male flowers:

Here are pix of flowers of hardy kiwi, Actinidia arguta

Oregon State guide to kiwi gardening

kiwi female 2

kiwi female flower


kiwi male flower

kiwi male flower

kiwi 2

fuzzy kiwi, Actinidia chinensis

fuzzy kiwi, Actinidia chinensis

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