Propagate An Angel Trumpet

Q: What is the best way to propagate an angel trumpet plant? 

A: It is easy to do. With our late winter, I think there’s still time to collect
some green stems. Use your pruning loppers to cut off a couple of large
branches, then strip off the leaves.
Cut a dozen twelve-inch lengths of the branches, noting which end of each
section pointed toward the branch tip and which end pointed toward the
plant’s trunk. Place the “trunk” ends of the sections in a small plastic bucket
and cover the ends with six inches of water. Put the bucket and branch
sections in a sunny window in an unused bedroom.
You’ll be surprised to find how fast the ends of the lengths will sprout roots.
The other ends will soon sprout leaves. You can plant the rooted stems in
individual pots when the roots are four inches long and then plant them
outdoors in April.

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