Resurrection fern – Transplanting pieces

Q: I am fascinated by resurrection ferns and happened to cut a 10 inch diameter branch, 12 feet long, off of a dead oak covered in resurrection ferns and get it into my native plant garden.

I had to lift it onto my trailer with a forklift. Inevitably, some pieces came off. I cannot find anyone who can tell me if the pieces I salvaged in my driveway will survive if placed in my large oak tree in my back yard. Any ideas?


A: Theresa Schrum replies: “The best success I’ve heard of with pieces of resurrection fern is to lay them at the base of the oak (half on the ground and half leaning against it) with some coarse wood chip mulch underneath.

The pieces that are still on the old stump can be placed in your garden as a focal point either lying on the ground or standing up. Hopefully, if it’s close enough to the other oak, spores from the established fern will “seed” onto the other tree.

I don’t think you should keep it wet as it wouldn’t stay wet 15 feet up in the tree. You can always contact the Georgia Native Plant Society ( for more information. Here are some web sites with additional information:”

Resurrection fern

resurrection fern (Broken Link)

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