Salt Water Pool – Using Water in Garden

Q: We have a salt water pool. Will this water hurt our grass or plants? We have to run a little water out when we close it and I want to catch some and use on my plants.

A: Other salt water pool owners report being able to use the water on garden plants with no harm.

According to one source, salt water pools have a salt content between 2500 and 4000 parts per million. Ocean water has a salt content around 35,000 ppm., while humans have a salt taste threshold around 3,500 ppm.

Yours is not concentrated salt water like ocean water but use it with caution; don’t dump it all on just a few plants.

If water from the pool splashes into an area all summer, use salt-tolerant plants like yucca, yaupon holly, wax myrtle, mondo grass, spiraea, viburnum, candytuft and gaillardia.

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