Seed Law – Planting by Professionals

Q: You mentioned the Georgia Seed Law in your column last week. Did you know that everyone who plants a fescue lawn for hire this fall must have a seed license?

A: I had just found out about it before I wrote the column and that is why I mentioned it. Your information is true. According to Dr. Wayne Guerke, Division Director, Georgia Department of Agriculture, the Georgia Seed Law applies to everyone who sells seed to a customer. In their interpretation, “selling” includes the practice of planting lawn seed for hire. Therefore, all of the landscapers in Georgia who plant seed must have a Seed Dealers License.

The seed law also applies to stores which sell seed of any kind. I often see for sale packages of flower seed that are out of date. Unless the seed is in a hermetically sealed package, it must be sold within nine months of being tested for germination. If you have questions about the seed you see for sale or about landscaper requirements call the Atlanta Seed Testing Laboratory at 404-656-5584.

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