Shamrock Looks Wilted

Q: My shamrock was doing very good, then all of a sudden, it began looking
wilty. At first, it was a lot fuller so I repotted it with a different pot and soil,
but it still isn’t looking so good. 

A: Your shamrock is doing what it’s supposed to do. These plants look their best in fall, winter and spring. But as temperatures warm up outdoors, even if your plant has been kept indoors continuously, its leaves will fade and the plant will go dormant. Store it in a cool place, check on it a couple of times to be sure the soil isn’t completely dry and bring it back out to a semi sunny window in September. Water to keep the soil moist. When several leaves have emerged, you can fertilize with half-strength houseplant fertilizer. It will look like gangbusters in December and will go dormant again in May.

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