Soft Caress mahonia problems

Q: I planted several Soft Caress mahonia shrubs last year. The plants appear to be dying now. I trimmed back the dead branches. I really like the look of these plants.

A: “Soft Caress’ is an intriguing plant. Rather than the rough, spiny leaves of leatherleaf mahonia, ‘Soft Caress’ has narrow leaves that are easy to brush past.

I planted one a couple of years ago with normal soil preparation beforehand. A rabbit ate it all the way to the ground.

So I planted another one in the same spot and used Milorganite fertilizer to deter rabbits.

More rabbit food.

I don’t know of any special care the shrub requires, other than fencing 🙂

Soft Caress

Soft Caress

leatherleaf mahonia

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