Stinging Nettle

Q: Last year and again this year I had a small green stinging weed in my bermudagrass. The plant was about 2 inches in diameter, 1 inch high, had small leaves shaped like a heart (less the V at the top). The leaves, about 1/4 inch, were scalloped at the top (opposite from stem) end.

In both cases of being stung by the thing, I was reminded of a yellow jacket sting. There was immediate pain and stinging, followed by swelling and turning red. The pain lasted for 2 days. There seem to be cylindrical spikes, perfectly round, growing from a stout trunk. I was surprised at the size of roots and trunks, big compared to leaf size. What is it?

A: Sounds like stinging nettle. Strange to have in the middle of healthy bermudagrass lawn! Since you know what it looks like, watch carefully for it each spring and spray with one of the liquid broad-leaf weed herbicides. It is not a common weed so once it is eliminated you shouldn’t see it again.

Name That Plant: Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle

stinging nettle identification

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