Surinam Grass – Identification

Q: I have traveled to Mauritius Island recently and I had great time. One of my favorite hobbies is anything relating to lawns.

In one of Mauritius hotels named Shandrani in the golf course I came across a very short cut lawn of unbelievable texture. I have asked the chief gardener about the lawn type and they said it is called Sirdan grass.

This grass can tolerate shade, it has stolons and is very very thin in appearance. In my garden at home I grow successfully Zenith zoysia grass.

I have cut and taken with me a very small piece of this Sirdan called grass which is now in dormant condition. You are kindly requested to tell me which kind of grass might be as i cant find any information related to that.

A: I bet you saw Surinam grass, Brachiaria decumbens.

It is a tropical grass which is readily killed by cold weather. It’s used in the humid tropics as a forage for livestock.

Brachiaria decumbens

Signal grass

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