Sweetgum – Positive Characteristics

Q: I saw the posting about your aggravation with sweetgum trees. They have three other rather aggravating traits. The green balls are formidable projectiles when encountered by a lawn mower. The wood is almost impossible to split and then it is nearly fireproof.

A: Environmentalist Theresa Schrum says:

On the flip side, sweetgums are architecturally strong, grow quickly, live long lives, provide good shade, are beneficial to wildlife, have few serious pests and sport outstanding fall color.

Conversely, roses have thorns and are plagued by diseases and insects.

Lawns require regular applications of water, fertilizer, weed killer, fungicides and frequent mowing…… yet people are strangely addicted to both of these plants.

Go figure.

sweetgum leaves black 2

sweetgum leaf 2

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