Tree Seedlings – Purchasing Inexpensively

Q: I want to plant chestnut oak trees. I haven’t been able to find them for sale or in the woods. Could you point me in the right direction?

A: The Georgia Forestry Commission Reforestation Department sells several species of seedling trees, including chestnut oak, to landowners. They sell the seedlings in quantities from fifty to the tens of thousands. The trees are grown from seed in two state nurseries and shipped in winter to the County Forestry Unit nearest you. Prices range from $.04 to $2.00 per seedling, depending on the species and quantity ordered.

Tree seedlings offered by the Georgia Forestry Commission include:

Flowering dogwood
Red maple
Chestnut oak
Northern red oak
Sawtooth oak
Water oak
White oak
Swamp chestnut oak
Eastern redcedar
Yellow poplar
Loblolly pine
Longleaf pine
Sand pine
Shortleaf pine
Slash pine
Virginia pine
Eastern white pine

For questions about the reforestation program, call1-800-GATREES or visit their Web site at Georgia Forestry Commission

2012 price list

County office locations

chestnut oak leaf

chestnut oak leaf

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