When Can I Propagate My Confederate Rose?

Q: I have a Confederate rose which came from my great-grandmother. I’m selling my house before late fall, which is when I should propagate it. Is there any way at this time of year to save some of it for my new home? 

A: I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t root it right now. I would find a leafy stem several feet long and as big around as your little finger. Cut it into pieces approximately 12″ long. Make cuts 1/2″ above a green leaf. Immerse the sections, bottom end down, in a small bucket of water such that the bottom 8″ of each piece is covered with water. Put it in a spot outdoors that gets bright shade. Each piece should have good roots on it by October. It might be iffy to plant it outside then. I would put each piece in an 8″ pot and place it in a bright window indoors until time to plant it next spring.

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