Wilflower Tags – How Much Goes to Roadside Beautification

Q: I tried to buy a wildflower tag for my car but it costs a lot of money! That would be OK if most of the money went to roadside beautification but they told me only part of the money goes to make highways beautiful.

A: You’re right. Of the $80 (for a new tag) or $55 (for a renewal) only $10 goes to the Roadside Enhancement and Beautification Fund. The rest, $49 (new tag) or $25 (renewal), goes into the state treasury to be spent as lawmakers desire.

This is the case with many of the special interest tags, not including military tags.

My information is that college auto tag fees (beyond the normal ad valorem tax) go directly to the state, nothing goes to your college of choice.

As my mother says: “Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer choice!”

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