Yaupon Holly – Severe Pruning

Q: We have twenty-year-old weeping yaupon hollies that are getting too tall. We prune 2-3 times a year but they are getting harder to prune. Can we cut them back to below window height? We’ve already had to remove two.

A: I think this one should join the other two. Take it out.

Weeping yaupon holly will always try to grow about twenty feet tall. Keeping it shorter will be a regular pruning chore. Further, if you prune it down to a few feet high, nearby roots will sprout up and be hard to control. Have someone dig it out and remove as many roots as possible.

In its stead, I suggest one of the small camellias. They are evergreen, they bloom, and they are generally easy to care for.

Dwarf Camellias

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