Yellow Passionvine – Identification

Q: I have an unusual vine growing over a small azalea. It has leaves shaped somewhat like English Ivy, but it has small green flowers that have the form of a passionflower, and it is producing round fruit about halfway between a cherry and a pea in size. It’s a thin vine, not at all woody. Any ideas?

A: It’s yellow passionvine, Passiflora lutea. Although the flowers are vaguely attractive, I consider it a weed. I pull it off my azaleas every chance I get.

Despite my work, the vine occasionally pops up unexpectedly. The fruit turns blue/black and releases numerous seed. The roots are winter-hardy so I try to dig them out if they are accessible.

Since it grows among valuable plants, I don’t use herbicide. I just make a note in summer to yank it out every time I spot it.

Yellow Passionvine

Passiflora lutea leaf

passiflora lutea flower

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