Bermuda Grass – Last Fertilization Date

Q: I am confused. I was listening to your radio show and you said not to fertilize bermudagrass after mid-September. On your website you say late September. Which is right?

A: Sometimes I get shot at from all sides! Clint Waltz, my turf specialist friend, was listening too and he said I should have pushed the last feeding date back to Sept 1! My overall point was that it doesn’t make sense to feed bermudagrass if it doesn’t need it. Lawn experts agree that late fertilization, even with “winterizer” fertilizers, is not as beneficial as manufacturers would have you believe. Since bermudagrass is still green in mid-September, I’m going to stick by my guns and say that is my approved date for a last feeding. Waiting until now, in mid-October, is simply wasteful of money and fertilizer.

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