Bermuda Lawn Is Patchy – Leveling

Q: I recently moved here from the UK and safe to say I have no experience
with bermuda lawns. Our sod was planted a few years ago, but it is terribly
uneven and has lots of bare/thin patches. How and when should we level it?

A: First, welcome to the South! Although I am not as handsome and or as
smart as UK garden experts like Monty Don or Alan Titchmarsh, I will try to
be of service. The best leveling compound is a 1:1 mix of compost and sand.
Don’t use pure sand or you’ll have spots that dry out too fast in summer. Wait
until the grass is at least 50% green to spread your leveling mix. The job can
be a nice family activity. One person drives the wheelbarrow while the other
wields the shovel to scatter dry soil mixture in the low areas. A third can use a
broom to sweep the soil off the grass and into place. Only add one-half inch of
soil to the low spots at one time, leaving most green grass leaves showing
through. Some areas may still be too low but you need to allow the grass to grow
up through the soil for at least a month. After leveling, fertilize lightly and
water the lawn thoroughly. Four weeks later, another half-inch of dry soil can
be swept into the remaining low spots. You might find useful my lawn care
calendars at

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