Bermuda vs Zoysia – Which Will Win

Q: I live in a neighborhood where the front lawns are required to be Bermuda grass.

One of my neighbors decided to replace his lawn with Zoysia without the homeowner associations’ approval. It looks fine and doesn’t seem to be an issue except to the next door neighbor.

I have read that Bermuda is more aggressive than Zoysia. Is this really a big deal to have the two grasses side by side?

A: Zoysia is marginally more aggressive than bermuda.

For example, twenty years ago my neighbor had table-top sized patch of zoysia in his bermuda lawn. Now it is 15 ft in diameter. An expansion rate of less than a foot per year is not much to worry about when the two grasses meet at a property line. They could easily be kept apart with a narrow brick or pine-straw strip between lawns.

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