Centipede Lawn – Care

yellow flower weed

Q: We need advice on how to improve our centipede lawn. We have had
several pine trees taken out so it now gets lots of suns. How do we get rid of
the weeds with yellow flowers? 

A: Your centipede grass should be plenty happy in full sun. And so are the
golden-hued dandelions and oxalis in your lawn. But since centipede grass is
sensitive to several weed killers I’m hesitant to recommend anything like a
weed and feed. I think your best option is to plant centipede seed in mid-May,
fertilize, and irrigate to keep the soil slightly moist for six weeks. You can
carefully spot spray weeds with glyphosate (Roundup, etc). After mid-July,
the centipede seed should be sprouted and beginning to spread. Fertilize again.
You can use a weed killer labeled for centipede lawns next year when the
grass is vigorously growing.

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