Divots Appearing In Aerated Lawn

Q: Big divots have appeared in our recently-aerated lawn. It is a real mess. We think some animal, like a raccoon, is eating grubs as it digs.

A: Your theory of raccoons eating grubs is a good guess. The white C-shaped grubs of Japanese beetles are getting larger now as they prepare to dig deeper underground to ride out winter. You could try applying a grub poison but I can’t guarantee it will be effective on the larger grubs. Trapping raccoons is not a good idea either. Besides the need for specific training on raccoon trapping, you have to decide what you’ll do with the animal once caught. Raccoons may be released only on private land, with permission of the owner. Though you might think that trapping and release are humane, these animals will likely die due to unfamiliarity with local sources of food, water, and shelter.

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