Roundup (glyphosate) Damage – On Lawn

Q: We would like to know what this disease is in our Meyer’s zoysiagrass and what we should do to get rid of the problem. We have a chemical lawn service but they have not cured it.

We have two neighbors that have the same problem. Two of us use the same chemical lawn service and the other neighbor uses another company.

A: You are a picture perfect example of why I advise NEVER spraying Roundup on weeds in “dormant” grass in winter. Since you’re seeing this in spring, I strongly suspect herbicide damage. It looks like the lawn company used Roundup to kill weeds when they thought the grass was dormant.

Zoysiagrass does not go truly dormant in winter. It (and centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass) will be damaged by non-selective herbicides sprayed on them in winter. Bermudagrass might go dormant (after several days in the low 20’s)…but just to be safe I don’t recommend anyone spray Roundup on bermudagrass unless they have gotten down on their hands and knees to part the grass and examine the crown of the plant for green tissue.

The best thing to do now is plant sprigs of zoysiagrass into the dead spots.

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