When To Start Solarizing Bermuda?

Q On your website you discuss ways to eliminate bermuda grass, including putting plastic over an area and spraying with Roundup. When is it best to start the two-month solarization project? I want to make sure and get a jump on it this year. 

A: The success of solarizing your soil to kill weeds and insects depends on how hot it gets under the clear plastic. That’s why it’s important to support it off the soil a few inches and seal completely around the edges with dirt to hold the heat in. If you want to combine solarization with spraying glyphosate, I’d consider spraying when the bermudagrass is 90% green and spread the plastic immediately. This will contain the evaporation of the herbicide. The young grass plants will be more susceptible to herbicide then. Honestly, I’m not sure the plastic sheet will make a major difference but you won’t know unless you try it. Please let me know what happens.

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