Where To Get Meyer Zoysia Seed?

Reseeding zoysia

Q: Where can I get Meyer zoysia seed? I already have Meyer sod in my back
yard, but want to overseed it in the rest of my yard because it spreads over the
bermuda and weeds. 

A: ‘Meyer’ zoysia is a selected form of “regular” zoysia. It is very difficult to
collect seed from it, so you won’t find ‘Meyer’ zoysia seed for sale. Moving
forward, ‘Zenith’ zoysia is an improved form of ‘Meyer’ zoysia. Seeds are not
quite so hard to collect, so you can find ‘Zenith’ zoysia seed for sale at most
nurseries. I would recommend you use ‘Zenith’ but I’m not sure it will spread
over bermuda grass. Usually, they come to an uneasy détente and you’ll have
two patches of different grass growing side by side.

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