Which Variety Of St. Augustine Do I Have?


Q: I’m told that the grass at my new home is St. Augustine. I’ve learned that
there are different varieties of this grass. How can I find out which one I have
so I can match with new sod? 

A: It’s true that there are different varieties but it is difficult to tell them apart.
A grass scientist would do it by examining the grass under a microscope. The
best bet for a match is to transplant runners from your existing grass into the
bare spots. Fertilize immediately now to force your grass to grow rapidly and
mow it as high as you can. By mid-July you should be able to find runners six
inches long. Clip them off at the soil level and insert each one into a shallow
slit cut into the soil in your bare spots. Water immediately and fertilize lightly.
These new plants should be rooted and growing well by August.

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