Zoysia – Fertilizing in Winter

Q: I heard you say on your radio program in October not to fertilize zoysiagrass again this year. On Nov. 1 my lawn maintenance company called to ask permission (this is not a scheduled round) to treat our zoysiagrass lawn with a pre-emergent weed killer and fertilizer.

My husband asked why they are putting fertilizer on in November. The man said it is a “non-nitrogen fertilizer to stimulate root growth”. Also, I know that they put a pre-emergent down in Jan/Feb. so this application is a puzzle to me.

Is this treatment necessary in your judgement? I think this additional round simply translates to more money for the company.


A:  I try not to argue with professionals but……

Ask them to send you University research that shows any good effect from using fertilizer in November on zoysiagrass.

For reference see  Winterizing Lawns.

Also ask which annual weeds they are intent on preventing with a pre-emergent this late in the fall. Chickweed and annual bluegrass were already germinating in my landscape in late October.

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