Zoysia Grass – In the Sun

Q: I heard you talking on the radio about zoysiagrass that is shade tolerant. Could you tell me more? I already have ‘Meyer’ zoysiagrass in my backyard . My front yard does not get as much sun but I would love zoysiagrass there.

A: Mark Banta, General Manager of Centennial Olympic Park, says ‘Zeon’ zoysiagrass has prospered in shade conditions he didn’t think possible. They originally planted bermudagrass between the rows at the Southern Company Amphitheater. Finding that sun protection was needed for summertime events, they stretched shade cloth over the area. The bermudagrass promptly expired. Mark planted ‘Zeon’ zoysiagrass in its place and it has withstood traffic and shade much better than he expected. I’ve not grown it but you’re welcome to try it yourself.

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