Zoysia – Self-Powered Mower

Q: I recently put down Emerald Zoysia sod in my small yard and have been trying to find a manual reel mower for it. However, the websites that sell what seem to be the better mowers of this kind (e.g., Brill, Sunlawn), say that manual reel mowers are not appropriate for this kind of grass. Why would these mowers not be recommended for Emerald Zoysia? Can you make any recommendations for a mower?

A: Self-powered reel mowers are much improved over the heavy monster I pushed around as a teenager. Zoysiagrass, however, has a tough stem, full of silica which makes it hard to clip unless you mow VERY frequently, perhaps every 3 – 4 days. If you don’t mind the exercise, try the Brill for a while. It’s a good product and I believe Clean Air Gardening has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed motto.

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