Zoysia Sod – Can I Plant In Soil Containing Wood Chips?

Reseeding zoysia

Q: I have had some trees cut and the stumps ground. The chips were mixed
into the surrounding dirt. Can I lay new zoysia sod there? 

A: Your new sod is going to want plenty of nitrogen fertilizer as it grows.
Unfortunately, fungi and bacteria in the soil also need it to break down the
wood chips. When the chips are fully decomposed the nitrogen will be
released, but that could be a couple years from now. If you plant sod now, it
will be light yellow until then. You can fix that situation by scattering a pint of
10-10-10 fertilizer per 100 square feet in the are where the chips and soil are
mixed. Water the area and wait for the soil to firm up enough to lay sod. The
extra fertilizer should satisfy the needs of the bacteria and fungi and you can
fertilize your lawn with turf fertilizer as the label directs.

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