Zoysiagrass- Growth

Q: I installed ‘El Toro’ zoysiagrass in mid-June. I mow it at 2.5 inches long. On your TV show you said the proper height for zoysiagrass is 1.5 inches. When I try to lower the height gradually, I get to about 2 inches and it looks like brown stems. Should I continue to force it down or wait until spring and start it out short?

A: I think you’re not mowing often enough. Zoysiagrass is so dense that it looks attractive when cut as high as three inches. The stem stiffness at that height, though, will stop a mower in its tracks. Since we have only a few weeks of growing season left, continue mowing at your regular height. When the grass is seventy five percent green next spring, start out at 1.5 inches and mow once each week or more often, as needed to keep it at that height..

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