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    07 / 28 / 2014

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I found this plant growing beside my house. Dry soil 6-8 hrs of sun a day. I live on south mountain in Maryland.


  • jake12121212 Master Identifier says:

    Enchanter’s Nightshade ….. Not a keeper if you wear pants or have cats. (Because of the burrs!) I guess it is not all bad “The nectar and pollen of the flowers attract small bees, including Halictid bees (Lasioglossum spp.) and little carpenter bees (Ceratina spp.); they are also visited by Syrphid flies and bee flies (Bombyliidae). Luckily they are very easy to pull. It is one of the woodland wildflowers that blooms during the summer in shaded areas.Enchanter’s Nightshade is a rather odd member of the Evening Primrose family, as its flowers have only 2 petals, 2 sepals, and 2 stamens.

    August 6th, 2014 at 2:25am

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