Foaming Root Killer

From a reader:
We planted a river birch near the house four years ago in honor of my mother after she died. We couldn’t figure how it was growing so fast but we found out the hard way: a sewage back up.


I rented a sewer auger nine months ago and that was a mess I’ll never forget. I thought I cleared it but this May it returned and it was worse!!!

I rented an auger again and it only did so much. A week later backup again.

I did some research and found the foam root killer called Roebic FRK. You pour the whole thing into your toilet and flush immediately and let it sit for 6-7 hrs (we went camping for the week end).

As it goes down the line it foams up, delivering the root killer everywhere, not just on the bottom of the pipe.

Two weeks later the roots are all gone and line is clear.

I wont mention the sewage that came out when I opened the 4in cap in the yard.


My notes:

The Roebic Foaming Root Killer you used contains sulfamic acid, sodium bicarbonate and diclobenil herbicide. Once the granules are flushed down your toilet they create a herbicide foam which kills roots and inhibits their re-growth.

I have had no personal experience with the product but your story seems reasonable.

I hope the residual effect of the herbicide keeps the roots from forming again.

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