Nonionic Surfactant

Q: I heard on your show recently about a new product specifically to kill nutsedge. I ordered and have received the product, Sedgehammer. Now I have to get a nonionic surfactant to mix it with. None of the garden centers, Pike, Hastings, etc. carry this. It appears my only choice is to order a gallon which will be $20 with shipping. Yet all I need to mix with the Sedgehammer is 2 teaspoons. I will call my local extension office to see if they know where I can get a lesser amount but thought you needed to know this for future reference.

A: I’m not enough of a chemist or a weed scientist to be sure about this, but go to a grocery and buy some Cascade Crystal Clear (near the dish detergents). The label says it contains nonionic wetting agents. Let me know if it works without hurting your lawn.

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