Treated Wood – Sodium Silicate

Radio caller Phil answers his own question!

“A few weeks ago, I asked if you had heard about a wood product that was treated with glass for use in raised beds. You didn’t have any information on it, but I found some and wanted to pass it on to you.

The product was one of several talked about on the show “Ask This Old House”, but I didn’t hear but a few seconds of information. Tonight I found it on the Internet.

It is called Timbersil, and is treated with what they refer to as Sodium Silicate Technology (SST). You can go to TimberSIL to find out more.

They were saying on the show that it is a new product, and the price is much cheaper than the plastic or other alternatives they reviewed for use in raised beds.

Contact info is:
7481 Huntsman Blvd, Suite 520
Springfield VA 22153

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