Cedar Waxwing – Privet Berries

Q: Cedar waxwings and other berry-loving birds love these plants I saw in an area near Kennesaw Mtn. I’d like to know the name of this berry-bearing plant.

A: Great photo of a cedar waxwing! It is feasting on Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense, berries.

Although this is the shrub that surrounds the football playing field at UGA, Chinese privet is regarded as a weedy, invasive plant. Birds eat the seed and distribute them far and wide, resulting in impenetrable thickets of privet.

If you find privet on your property, you should destroy it. Iā€™m sure the birds will find something to eat that doesn’t lead to a nuisance.

cedar waxwing

cedar waxwing

cedar waxwing 3

cedar waxwing 4

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