Indian Hawthorn – Leaf Spot

Q: My Indian hawthorns have a fungus and I was advised to remove them and plant new ones. What soil preparation should I do before planting the replacements? Should I also be on a yearly program to prevent the fungus?

A: If a plant needs yearly applications of fungicide, I don’t think you need it. But if you insist, I’d try a twice per month schedule of thiophanate-methyl (click for sources) or tebuconazole (click for sources). Read and follow the label.

Or, you could just do normal soil loosening and add a 3″ layer of soil conditioner if it’s hard clay. Then, plant varieties of Indian Hawthorn that are not susceptible to Entomosporium leaf spot.

Resistant varieties include Olivia, Eleanor Tabor, Indian Princess, Gulf Green, Georgia Petite and Georgia Charm.

Susceptible varieties include Bay Breeze, Cameo, Springtime, Pinkie, Enchantress, Heather, Snow White, Clara, Ballerina, Bay Breeze, Cameo, Elizabeth and Kathy.

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