Camellia – Gibberelic Acid

Q: Can you repeat your radio comments concerning the enhancement of camellia blooms? I believe you said to add a chemical of some sort.

A: “Gibbing” camellias is the process of placing a drop of gibberellic acid growth hormone on the small leaf bud next to a large camellia flower bud. The hormone makes the flower bloom earlier and it may develop much larger. This is particularly helpful for the early-blooming Camellia japonica varieties, which are often damaged by winter cold. The best time to apply the hormone is September through October.

You can buy gibberellic acid from the American Camellia Society in Fort Valley (478-967-2358).

see Gibbing Camellias

An excellent guide to selecting, growing and gibbing camellias is Camellia Culture for Homeowners

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