Venus Flytrap – Care

Q: I bought a small Venus flytrap recently and have become interested in learning how to care for them. Do you know of any garden centers or other places where I can learn about caring for these interesting plants?

A: Carnivorous plants are indeed fascinating, in an grotesque sort of way. Venus flytrap is more interesting than most because you can watch it grab its prey. Once spring rolls around you should plan to keep yours outdoors permanently, in an easy-to-build bog.

Nan Reese, conservation horticulturist at the Atlanta Botanical Garden says to keep the bog moist in winter and to mark flytraps with a small stake nearby at planting since the plants are small and will lose their leaves in winter. If you give it good conditions, a flytrap will make offshoots from the base in late spring.

Good local sources for carnivorous Venus flytrap, pitcher plant and sundew include Nearly Native Nursery in Senoia, Atlanta Water Gardens, Pike Nursery and the Perimeter College Native Plant Botanical Garden. For more flytrap care instructions, see Caring for the Venus’ Fly Trap.

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