Banana – Flowering in Fall

Q: We noticed this “bloom” on our banana tree around the first of November, followed by baby bananas. This tree has grown to  12 ft. tall this year after cutting it to the ground last year. I just assumed it was strictly ornamental. Are these bananas edible at all?

A: Bananas bloom after 8 – 9 months of warm weather and the fruit is usually ripe after 12 months of growth without a freeze. That’s why getting ripe bananas is almost impossible in Atlanta!

But if you do see fruit, you can harvest it anytime after is shows a hint of yellow and seems plump.

Banana fruit may be very seedy or it may be seedless. They aren’t poisonous so you can have a taste to see if you want to slice it for your cereal!

Winter Banana Protection

banana bloom

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