Blueberry Types-Northern/Southern

Q: The UGA website lists ‘Legacy’ blueberry as a Northern highbush type. Your website says it’s a Southern highbush. Since I live in south Georgia I need to know what type will grow best here.
A: I’ll have to break out my Latin (Many thanks to my high school teacher, Inez Hames!) for an explanation. Northern highbush blueberry is Vaccinium corymbosum and its hybrids. Southern highbush blueberries are various other blueberry hybrids that have been bred to grow well in the South. In this case, ‘Legacy’ is a hybrid of Vaccinium darrowi, a native Southern blueberry, and one of the University of Florida Blueberry Program cultivars. Therefore I consider it a Southern highbush type. In general, rabbiteye-type blueberries would be better for you in south Georgia. I have details on choosing and growing blueberries at

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