Can I Leave Orange Trees Outside In The Winter?


Q: We have two healthy orange trees in pots. We have been bringing them into the garage at night to get some heat from the house walls. Can we plant these outside and leave them outside? If not, what is the best way to get them through the winter? 

A: There is no variety of orange that will survive winter outdoors in north Georgia. I have seen TV documentaries about religious penitents who endure all kinds of punishment in order to be forgiven. I have friends who successfully overwinter oranges and limes and tangerines but the continual hauling of heavy pots in and out of the garage looks too much like a penance for me to try doing it for just a few fruit. If you want to try, look online for the sagas of those gardeners who have been successful and then decide if you are ready to put on your hair shirt and start hauling.

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