Cherry – Autumnalis

Q: We have what appears to be an everblooming cherry tree in our front yard. This crazy tree will bloom in the winter and spring months, have leaves during summer and drop them in the fall.

Once the leaves drop, it starts back to the flowering stage. Even if we get a freeze, the flowers keep coming back. Any idea what it is?

A: It’s an ‘Autumnalis’ cherry, Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’, which is well known to bloom in warm weather in the winter. I have one in my back yard and it is blooming merrily in January.

‘Okame’ cherry, Prunus ‘Okame’ is vaguely similar to ‘Autumnalis’ and blooms in early spring but doesn’t seem as prone to blooming throughout the winter.

My colleague Theresa Schrum says that there may be a few less flowers this spring but the trees will be beautiful otherwise.


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