Crapemyrtle – Fragrant

Q: You claim crapemyrtles are not fragrant. I have to disagree! I planted several in my garden and I was surprised when I discovered the crapemyrtles were the most heavenly fragrant plant I have!

A: I wish you were right but I have consulted with crapemyrtle experts here in Georgia who agree that crapemyrtles are only very slightly and occasionally fragrant. Their consensus is that you’re smelling a nearby plant, perhaps tea olive, which has inconspicuous flowers that are powerfully fragrant.


I’m going to have to eat my words…..there IS a fragrant crapemyrtle!
It’s the non-hybridized Lagerstroemia fauriei
This species crapemyrtle is more cold-tolerant and disease resistant than other crapemyrtle species, so it’s been used to make hybrids but is not typically found at garden centers.
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