Cudweed, Prickly Lettuce – Control

Q: This weed grows in our centipedegrass lawn. My husband and I are at odds over what it is. Please identify and tell us how to get rid of it, as it is taking over the lawn.

A: Hmmm…you might BOTH be right. You actually sent me pictures of two different weeds. Picture #1 is shiny cudweed; #2 is prickly lettuce. Both are annual broadleaf plants so they can be controlled with a broadleaf pre-emergent like Green Light Portrait in fall and in spring. Or you could simply lightly spray them with one of the broadleaf weed sprays when you see the weeds. Centipedegrass can be harmed by broadleaf weed killers so use the lowest concentration that’s recommended.


prickly lettuce

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