Fertilizer – Veggie Garden

Q: We recently had a University soil test done for our veggie garden and they recommended 15-0-15 fertilizer. I found it, but only labeled for use on lawns. Is it okay for a vegetable garden?

A: It’s tough for the UGA soils laboratory to keep up with all of the consumer fertilizer products a consumer might have available. Last year, I personally counted 25 different fertilizer analyses available at local nurseries and big box stores. Your soil is likely high in phosphorus, so 15-0-15 would be a sensible product for the soil lab to recommend. I recommend you look for fertilizers at your local nursery that have nutrient numbers that are close to 15-0-15. A 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 product would be safe to use in your garden even if it is recommended for a lawn. Make sure it does not contain a weed killer. Follow the application rate on the fertilizer bag, not the rate for 15-0-15 you saw on the soil test report.

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