Fruit Trees – Pruning

Q: I have two apple, two peach, and three cherry trees. I have never pruned any of them. I didn’t realize I had to cut them down so much. Now that they’ve grown big, what should I do?

A: While you can maximize production by proper pruning when fruit trees are young, there are so many other factors at play that starting over now doesn’t make sense. Follow these pruning tips: in winter, remove all dead wood, then any limbs that cross through the middle of the tree. Follow by removing slender upright twigs that grow vertically from horizontal branches. Judiciously prune so limbs are spaced symmetrically around the tree and up and down the trunk. Pay attention to regular watering and feeding during the growing season and your trees will produce just fine.

Pruning Fruit Trees from the Gwinnett County Extension Office

apple cluster 2

pear fruit

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