Fuji and Gala – First Year With Blooms, No Fruits

tree hole root

Q: We have two apple trees, Fuji and Gala, which we planted five years ago. Until this year we did not have any blooms. This year both trees had some blooms, but no fruit developed. What can we do to get apples? 

A: I suspect a pollination problem. To get good pollination, both trees must bloom around the same time. Both of yours are mid-season bloomers so you’re okay there. If there were only a few blooms and they opened at the same time, a hard rain or chilly temperatures could deter honeybees from visiting. One way to fix this would be to plant a small crabapple nearby. They bloom for a long time and bees love them. Honeybees would surely visit your apples while headed for the crabapple. ‘Donald Wyman’, ‘Dolgo’ or ‘Profusion’ are good crabapple choices.

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