Is It True That The Female Watermelons Are Sweeter?

Q: I was bragging to a friend that my sliced watermelon is always sweet because I choose the round female ones and not the longer male fruit. He laughed at me at said this was an urban myth! Who is right? 

A: Although it is true that watermelon vines have male and female flowers, the fruit is not male or female. Upon further consideration, I suppose it could be said that all watermelon fruits are “female” because they are theoretically capable of producing seed. Look for melons that have a yellow “belly”. These are usually sweeter than those with a white or green part that touches the ground.

Another myth involves eggplant. There is no evidence that those with a round blossom scar (“male”) are meatier and have fewer seeds than those showing an elongated scar.

This chart shows how to visually choose a sweet melon.

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