Squirrels – Messing With My Tomatoes!

Q: How can we keep squirrels from taking a bite out of green tomatoes? They take one bite and drop them on the ground, ruining a perfectly good tomato! We have tried various things but nothing works!

A: I wish there were a product called “Varmit-B-Gon” but there is no such item. I’ve heard of folks doing everything from leaving plastic bowls of water for their squirrels to draping sweaty shirts over the tomato cage. When it comes to animal pest control, there are all sorts of home remedies that worked once for someone – so they share their secret with everyone without bothering to find out if it works for many other people.

The best I can suggest is using a cage trap, baited with peanut butter and sunflower seed. You’ll catch bluejays and mockingbirds along with a few individual squirrels, who can be taken to visit their country cousins. Eventually you’ll catch the miscreant squirrel(s) and your tomatoes can ripen in peace. An added benefit of your squirrel cooping adventures is that you’ll have cocktail party stories to last ’til Christmas!

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